About Us

About us, here at Beach Hut Fashion began with the first Beach Hut™ was opened in Pier Park, Panama City Beach, Fl in 2012 and have had the perfect opportunity to attract beach goers and casual shoppers alike.

We are a fun, beach fashion accessory shop for the Henna Tattoos, Body Jewelry, Earrings, Hair Braids and Hair Extensions.

You can expect quality service when we apply your temporary tattoos, braided hair, added stylish extensions, and even provided piercings. We have served hundreds of thousands of vacationers, stay-cationers, party goers, casual shoppers, tourists, grandparents, parents, kids, and everyone in between.

It doesn’t matter if your on vacation, spending the day at the beach, laying by the pool, or just for fun. Everyone has a desire to enjoy their own personal fashion.

We provide the highest quality of fashion services for the enjoyment of our customers who want short term fun.

More about us, The Beach Hut™ hair wraps are personalized by you. We use our proprietary process to quickly and securely wrap your hair to save time and highlight your fashion choice.

Our wraps will stay in even as you grow your hair and you never have to worry about it coming out.

Our extensions will make you happier than ever. They are beautifully secured in your hair at the base so when as you grow your hair it can be adjusted to continue to remain in your hair.

Extensions include Shiny Tinsel, Dread Locks, Sea Shells, and Designer Braids. For those wanting to keep their wraps in longer throughout the year, we offer our Official Beach Hut™ Wrap Extension.

By offering temporary tattoos, you can enjoy the thrill of body designs that you won’t regret. Temporary tattoos remain on for the short term allowing you choices and variety. Enjoy the fun of personal choices with a variety of designs.

We also offer body jewelry and ear piercings for a more long term fashion choice. Make a bold statement with your party ready look.

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